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Hello! My name is Carla and I have been an empath and clairvoyant since I was a young girl, shortly after my grandfather passed. In high school, I bought my first tarot deck and discovered, to my delight, that the cards were able to activate and enhance my psychic abilities. Hundreds of readings (and more than 30 years!) later, I still use that same, very worn deck to do many of my readings. I own many decks and usually feel directed towards a particular one before each client calls. 


 It has become my passion to use my gifts to help guide others, with integrity and honesty. I am told that the area of relationships - and discerning the  feelings and intentions of others - is my specialty. Regarding timing, sometimes I can have an idea, but I believe that is ultimately in God's hands, and feel it is better to focus on *why* someone is behaving a certain way and *what* the outcome will be, rather than *when* something will happen. I look forward to reading for you soon! 

Services Offered: Phone/Skype Tarot or Empath Readings, Photo Readings and Psychic Medium

**10/7/21~**Carla is not accepting reading requests until further notice. Please do NOT purchase any services while this message is up. 

Phone Readings
15 Minute Tarot Reading $37
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30 Minute Tarot Reading $57
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60 Minute Tarot Reading $97
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Psychic Mediumship Reading $77
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Email Readings

*Email reading turn around time for White Dove Healing is currently 3-5 business days (Mon-Fri). Specific questions only. Please email ( your question(s) after purchasing. 

**Carla is not accepting additional email reading requests until further notice. 

1 Question Email Reading $17
3 Question Email Reading $47

After purchasing the photo reading please email the photo you want a reading on to You will be contacted to set up a 10 minute reading to discuss the insight received. Turn around time is 5 business days.

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